with Nourish Color Bond Technology™
Behind The Brand

created by hair experts

In March 2020, Modern Color co-founder Ilya Mavi knew he had a big problem. As a top colorist and salon owner in Manhattan for over 20 years, his phone was now ringing off the hook with long-time clients literally begging him to come over and fix their fading color, fast. 

Trying to stay safe himself in the middle of pandemic lock-downs, Ilya Mavi’s first instinct was to recommend hair color solutions that his clients could buy and use themselves at home. But, the more he researched brands currently on the market, the more he was worried that these drug-store color solutions would only be causing more damage to his clients’ hair. 

The idea to introduce a better product to the market came to fruition after Ilya Mavi reached out to long-time friend , haircare manufacturer, and formulator for over 20 years, Brett Cayton for a solution. Together, they combined Ilya Mavi’s east coast stylist savvy with Brett Cayton’s west coast penchant for developing natural, nourishing and scientifically proven hair care methods to create this all-in-one color depositing cleanser and conditioner, Modern Color, with Nourish Color Bond Technology™. 

Modern Color's 3-In-1 Color Refresh + Cleanse + is the first breakthrough at-home solution developed, formulated and produced by true hair care professionals in the heart of California, USA that is 100% Vegan, EU-Certified Clean, Sustainably Packaged and promises to liven up locks with gorgeous color while fortifying, repairing and revitalizing the hair’s overall health. 




with 100% Vegan, Clean Formulas 
Modern Color is formulated and produced in California, using the highest quality ingredients. We are committed to creating clean, safe products that are always vegan — because beautiful hair can be achieved without hurting animals. Modern Color is EU Compliant.



Protecting Our Oceans With
Sustainable Packaging Solutions  

To  reduce our carbon footprint, Modern Color’s products are thoughtfully packaged using 100% recyclable aluminum bottles and PCR plastic wherever possible.