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3-In-1 color refresh, cleanse, & condition

Introducing The First 100% Vegan, EU-Certified Clean, Sustainably Packaged Color Depositing Cleanser + Conditioner Powered By Nourish Color Bond Technology.™ Designed By Hair Experts, Formulated And Produced In California, Now In 8 Vibrant Colors.

Formulated In The USA With

Nourish Color Bond Technology™

Founders and haircare professionals for over a decade, Ilya Mavi and Brett Cayton developed this natural, nourishing, and scientifically proven all-in-one color depositing cleanser and conditioner.

This breakthrough at-home solution allows clients to liven up locks between salon visits, and unlike drugstore brands that damage and weaken hair, Modern Color easily deposits gorgeous color while fortifying, repairing and revitalizing the hair’s overall health with our 100% clean, vegan formula powered by Nourish Color Bond Technology™

vibrant, long-lasting

color innovation

Modern Color’s 3-in-1 Color Refresh, Cleanse & Conditioner instantly infuses color with every wash. 8 stunning hues are carefully formulated to offer enough versatility to deposit color, maintain vibrancy, and personalize across a spectrum of hair tones, hues and textures.

From natural to color-treated hair, Modern Color offers an easy, at-home application solution to enhance color while promoting more manageable, healthier hair with our patented Nourish Color Bond Technology™ and a blend of strengthening and shine-boosting natural ingredients.

Key Benefits

Nourish Color Bond Technology
Scientific breakthrough works on a molecular level to repair damage from within. Binds to hair, helping color last longer and look more vibrant over time. Provides immediate results for hair that looks and feels healthier after just one use. 

Bulgarian Rose Oil 
Extract cultivated in the “Bulgarian Rose Valley” from the rarest rose on Earth. Essential oil nourishes, balances and conditions hair. Binds to hair, allowing color to last longer and look more vibrant over time. Promotes blood circulation in the scalp, aiding in hair growth and preventing breakage. Soothing properties moisturize scalp and hair for more sheen and luster.

A super-food for the hair, this hydrolyzed protein extracted from whole grains gently cleanses while nourishing hair. Amino acids match the natural keratin in hair and fill in gaps caused by damage. Protects hair follicles from the root to promote healthier, stronger hair growth and prevent breakage. Antioxidants help keep color-treated hair from fading over time.

Coconut Oil 
A well known hair hero, Coconut Oil gets deep into hair follicles to help grow longer, thicker, healthier hair. Soothing vitamins and essential fatty acids moisturize scalp to fight dryness and flaking. Helps to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles for more luster, shine and softness. Natural protectants helps save hair from chemical treatments, bleach and sun damage. 

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